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2014 - Featured in DPhoto








Thank you for being so talented, compassionate, perceptive, unobtrusive, generous, and generally gorgeous! Your pics moved me to tears.

Melanie Kerr, Auckland


I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough! She was so amazing with Charlie: she walked around snuggling him until he was completely  ease and fast asleep. I think Charlie fell as in love with her as she did with him - I've never seen him so relaxed. I've had previous experience with a photographer trying to take pictures of my baby and I remember feeling so stressed. My little girl woke up and crying because she was so unhappy at being manipulated and the photographer just kept on trying to position her. With Amanda we never even came close to feeling like that: she is so gentle and loving. In fact, I was so comfortable that I left Charlie with her and went to have a much needed shower. And look at the results! Who wouldn't want pictures like this? I love them so so much! They are totally and utterly delicious. Thank you Amanda for being SO amazing!

Cass Dottridge, Brussels


AMAZING!! So happy with these, thank you sooooooooo much J !! Jess and I had so much fun, lots of laughs and smiles, I think that's reflected in the shots. The results are fantastic, but then I expected nothing less "

Matt Pemberton, Brussels


AMANDA, our photo's are just brilliant - thank you so so much! The slideshow is just gorgeous and you've captured some fantastic shots of everyone, you've done so well... how do you do it?! 

Diane, Auckland


Thank you so much Amanda for the lovely pictures you've taken for us. You're a real natural talent and the pictures that you've taken for us of our children and our professional osteopathy website are just wonderful. You are capable of bringing out the best in life. Beautiful colours, beautiful style, just that little extra.

Tina Wisseman, Brussels


Amanda is a genuine talent and her work is truly amazing. She has the most wonderful, relaxed rapport with her subjects and really captures the moment!  I was absolutely delighted with the results of our shoot.  I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Kate Whitby, London


The photo's look absolutely amazing..you are one clever lady!!!!! Thank you so much for all your wonderful help.  Talk soon!

Fashion shoot, Auckland