Thank you so much for your order! I hope these recommendations will help you enjoy beautiful prints displayed around your home and as gifts for family and friends. I will keep updated so check back whenever you are looking to print.

Your online gallery will be available for one year.



You may use your gallery to order at cost directly from the professional lab I use in Australia (just remember to calculate shipping prices if comparing to local prices). If you don't see any products appear, you may need to change your shipping and currency settings (must to set Australian currency to use the Australian labs at the moment). Otherwise you can check out these local options. I prefer lustre or matte paper, would not recommend printing in gloss. 

         PCL Imaging for professional quality prints.



         Sean from Evoke Studio for beautiful art paper prints (a finely textured paper slightly rough to the fingertip).



         El Framo in Ponsonby for beautiful frames and great help. 

         Factory Frames in Mairangi Bay are good value for framing, the staff there are also excellent for advice,



        Artmount in Parnell are great at mounting prints on lightweight foamcore.



         Try My World.



          See the Hangman. 


If you plan to order an extra large print, please let me know which image you will use and I can review to ensure it would suit the large size (best to be a very sharp image) and there are no small elements in the image that will be distracting when blown up large. 

Feel free to contact me for any further questions or advice. I love seeing your final images on your wall, so any pictures (phone pic fine!) once they are up are very much appreciated :)

Thanks again, 


ps: I advise backing up your image files in multiple locations (eg: family or friends computer, work computer) so if there is a fire or burglary, you will not have lost them. Another option is online gallery such as flickr.