Fight of their lives

Lisa, my sister-in-law's sister, was recently diagnosed with a highly aggressive Bowel cancer at 40 years old. Unbelievably, her partner of 15 years Coley also has cancer. He was about to embark on his own chemotherapy journey the day Lisa was diagnosed but quickly cancelled. We stopped in to see them in Tauranga on the way home from a fab Napier trip with our mutual niece and nephew, met there by their parents. We would never have guessed the terrible nightmare they are living if we hadn't known, so warm and welcoming. My son fell in love with their beautiful pets (Spice the goat, Lamby the Lamb, Piggy the Pig, Sweet Chilli, Honey, Cairo and Kash to name a few) and is desperate to return.

We have just started a Givealittle page to support them during their treatment.